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Register a Domain Name, Select Your Web Host!

Congratulations!! You are here because you have made the decision :- to register your domain name and select your hosting provider..

If you already know about domain names and can register one with ease, GO HERE AND REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME NOW. I highly recomend you do all-in-one-roof registration :- i.e Register Domain Name and Hosting Plan from the same provider. This way, you benefit more, even get FREE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION.

If this is your first time with domain names or you need more info, I highly recommend that you continue reading on. You will find out why choosing the right "DOMAIN NAME" is so important for your business.

Your business name is so important to you, it tells your clients who you are and what your business is about. And so is a Domain name. Domain names, often referred to simply as domains make up the address of your site and can end in .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and more. I highly suggest that you choose and register a domain name that reflects and represents your business. For instance, it won't make any business sense to register a domain name "" while your real business is "smartphones".

If you can check and send email, you can resiter your domain name with ease. Reserving and registering a domain name is easy and very cost friendly. However, note that some of the big name Domain Name companies do charge ridiculously high prices for a domain name, and you get the same service for free with your hosting plan at STARTLOGIC.COM.
It doesn't matter where you register your domain. Every registrar provides the same services. But I highly recomend your go for all-in-one-roof registration :- i.e Register Domain Name and Hosting Plan from the same provider. This way, you benefit more, even get FREE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION, you will not incur transfer or packing charges.

You can Get Hosting Plans from $1.99 per month! Now with Unlimited Bandwidth! Don't waste your time doing the FREE WEB HOSTING at some website. You are simply at their mercy and they can wipe you out of the web without a notice. More-so, you don't have control of your website.

FINDING THE RIGHT DOMAIN. As you start brainstorming on the domain name of your choice, you may have the feeling that most of the good names are almost gone, allready registered. A lot of creativity will get you a good domain. Many Domain registrars will give you tips and suggestions on choosing the right domain name.Register great .CO names for only $40 per year.

NEED PRIVACY? When registering your domain name, you might come accross the option of keeping your domain name private. Private domain registration is a premium feature that keeps your contact information out of the global Internet database and will prevent spam email. Some people want to register domains anonymously, so this is the reason this option is available. Also, security for your website and clients is also important. Many websites are vulnarable to hackers and attacks because many web designers overlook this aspect when regirtering their domains. Secure your website with SSL Certificates from!

24/7 PHONE & CHAT SUPPORT Many of the people visiting come here are green, completely new to website creation. Most fear that they'll invest their money, register a domain name, something new and unfamiliar to them, and BAM, they are stuck with something they don't know where to start and who to contact incase they have questions. Rest assured that with STARTLOGIC.COM, that is not gonna happen. They and many other web hosting providers have 24/7 phone and chat support to take care of all your needs, and they are very prompt. My first website way back in 2001 with, my stomach was all butterflies because I had not idea where to start and who to contact.

Once you have registered your domain, many people get stuct on how and where to start. offers Getting Started Tutorials and User Guides on almost any topic from Account Management, Domain Registration and Services, Adding Domains, Domain Redirect, Managing Domains Nameserver Changes, Registrar Transfer Renewal, E-Commerce Services, osCommerce, Email Management, Search Engine Optimization, Site Creation, Reseller Programs, just Name it. As a beginner, you will find these tutorials and user-guides very helpful. And when you are stuck, remember 24/7 Support Team are there to help.


Now that everything is clear, you have all the information to make the right choices, It's time to Register your Domain here. You can also register with REGISTER.COM as your Hosting Provider. Get your business ready for the New Year - Domain and Email package starting at $9.99 per year

SO, WHY STARTLOGIC and not any other Hosting Provider?
StartLogic is a leading provider of Web-hosting solutions and services for global business. Across the globe, businesses depend on StartLogic's easy-to-use, advanced and reliable load-balanced architecture, as well as responsive and knowledgable customer service to power their online presence. StartLogic offers a full line of solutions for personal, business, government and education customers, including: Hosting services for your website and other important data. E-commerce solutions that enable your business to sell over the Internet. Security measures to protect your information assets. Applications that help make your business more productive. Search-Engine optimization to get your site seen by a larger audience.


For instance, with a Premium Package $5.95/month, you will get:-

•Unlimited Storage
•Unlimited Bandwidth
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•FREE Domain & Setup
•Host Unlimited Domains in One
•Point & Click Website Builder
•Choice of Shopping Carts
•Fully Integrated Google Webmaster Tools
•$75 Google Adwords Credit
•$25 Yahoo!/Bing Search Credit
•RatePoint Customer Feedback Platform
•Free Listing
•$50 Facebook Marketing Credit.


After Designing your website, now it's time to make your pages alive, It's time to publish your website online. I am assuming that you have already designed your website, Registered a Domain Name! and bought a Hosting Account/Plan. The next thing you will need is a FTP Client to upload you pages online. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client software is a fast and simple way to transfer data information from your computer to your web host account over the Internet. You can transfer photos, videos, webpages, music etc to your web host account easily with an FTP Client. Download your FTP Client Here : WS FTP Professional. You can view the tutorial on how to use WS FTP Professional on their homepage. You can also use other popular FTP Clients such as CuteFTP or SmartFTP.

Good Luck! Make your presence online, build your business and make money. Start Now.

Register Your Domain and Web Host Now!

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